Updated Thursday December 17, 2015 by Terry L Johnson, Jr.

General Rules

  • Playing field will consist of no more then 10 players.
  • Game score is kept by the home team
  • Stats do not apply (can be kept for highlight purposes only)
  • Win/Lose does not apply


  • Games are 1 hour & 30 minutes
  • Umpire is to call the start time, last 15 Minutes & when game is finished. Must write down time on lineup card of home team.
  • Games can not be protested for any reason.
  • Innings are either 3 outs or 9 players bat. The 9th batter must be called by the coach of the batting team. The umpire shall approach the front of plate & acknowledge to both teams 9th batter.

Home Team

  • Will occupy the 3rd base dugout.
  • Are responsible for chalking the lines & doing any field prep that is needed prior to the start of the game & hanging trash bags in dugouts.
  • Must supply one Game Ball.
  • Will keep track of runs scored on official T-Ball score sheet & signed by head umpire. (Playoff Only)

Visiting Team

  • Will occupy the 1st base dugout
  • Prior to start & at the end of game, make sure that all areas around the field is clean of trash, water bottles, etc in dugouts & common area.
  • Must supply one Game Ball

Starting Lineups

  • Lineup cards are due 10 minutes prior to game time.
  • Once a roster is turned in, it cannot be changed. If a coach knows a player is going to be late to a game, he must add the player last to the starting lineup.
  • Any player that shows after 30 minutes, after start time is not allowed to play. (Playoff Only)
  • Lineups may not be changed for reason after the start of the game.
  • Lineup cards have to be on official lineup card & submitted to the umpire (No scratch paper, computer made, must be official baseball lineup) & als given to each team.
  • Home team as control of the score book & official lineups that are submitted.
  • Any changes or additions must go throught the home plate umpire & then to the official score keeper.

Score Keeper

  • Score is only kept during playoff only.
  • Home team must supply a coach, parent to keep track of the scorebook.
  • Stats must be taken, especially in playoff


  • Only coaches & a team parent are allowed to be on the field.
  • 2 coaches are allowed in the infield & 1 in the outfield.
  • Team Parent or coach must be in the dugout at all times.
  • Only team coach, registered players that are signed up through Oakland Babe Ruth may be in the dugout & field.
  • Parent volunteers that are assisting during practice, but have not been added to the coaching staff may not help during game times.
  • Coaches must have appropriate attire (team related gear) & coaches card on hand (no street clothes).


  • Umpires have the final call on the field.
  • There will be two umpires that will control the game.
  • Home plate umpire will determine lineup changes, controlled clock, & outs.
  • In an event where both umpires cannot come to a clear decision, the player agent that is observing the game will make the final call. (If a player agent is not available, the umpire that made the final call stands.)


  • Batter will be given 5 attempts to make contact when pitched to 3 off the tee (All tee in the playoffs)
  • Coach must pitch from the top of the arch or line on the "X", not inside the line.
  • Batter will be given an extra swing if 2 out of the 3 balls do not go past the arch. This does not apply to foul balls.
  • Must be properly equipped.
  • All helmets must be left on till player reaches the dugout. If player takes off helmet prior to reaching the dugout. Umpires will give the team a warning.
  • After warning of helmet,team will be given an out.
  • Throwing of bat: Umpires will warn head coach of thrown bat. @nd warning, batters out, return runners to position.
  • Ten seconds to get batter in the box.

​Field Setup

  • Base length is 50 feet between bases
  • The arc or line of play will be 15-20 feet from the point of home plate.
  • The pitchers circle of mound is set at 6 feet in diameter.
  • A line/circle shall be placed for catcher for safety reason.

Coaches Code Of Conduct

  • Only the head coach can speak to the umpire regarding a call.
  • All assistants must relay any questions or concerns through the head coach.
  • Only the coachs that are registered with Babe Ruth may be on the field.
  • Any coach that is tossed from a game for arguing, disrupting play or control of the time will be asked to leave the field.
  • If suspended/toss by any umpire, for any conduct; the league Board/Player Agent will determine the appropriate disciplinary action.
  • Any coach that is tossed more than once from a game could loose the right to coach for the remainder of the season.
  • Any spectator or coach that is abusive to any coach, umpire, player or league rep. Will be asked to leave the facility & may be banned from future events.


  • Payoffs will be random selections out of the hat drawn on the Monday before start date.
  • Playoff bracket will be set with 2 divisions double elimination.
  • There will be a $50 playoff fee per team, (fee should cover umpires & trophies or medals).