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2019 Rookie Rules

Your 1st 4 games all batters will hit off the Batting-T: Strikes and Balls apply

Keep in mind: This division is Designed primarily for ballplayers ages 7-8, this division makes use of a pitching machine to allow for more hittable balls at the plate and more action in the field. Fear of actually being hit by a pitched ball is diminished. It makes the game safer and improves the playing confidence and ability of all participants.

(Typically 46' Pitching Distance)

* Focus on learning baseball rules, general techniques, and teamwork

* Do not exceed 60 combined innings pitched in any 12 month period (Parents protect your player)

* Make sure to properly warm up before pitching

* Set and follow pitch-count limits and required rest periods; Manager and coaches will be suspended if violated

* Avoid throwing pitches other than fastballs and change-ups

* Avoid playing for multiple teams at the same time

* Avoid playing catcher while not pitching

* Catchers shall not pitch after catching in a game under any circumstances

* Players should not pitch in multiple games on the same day

* Parents Monitor for other signs of fatigue; be sure to ice the pitcher after every game pitched

* Pitchers once removed from the mound may not return as pitchers

* No pitcher shall appear in a game as a pitcher for three consecutive days, regardless of pitch counts

Age Daily Max (Pitches in Game) 0 Days Rest 1 Days Rest

7-8 50 1-20 21-35




* Before each game the game rules shall be reviewed with umpire and manager/coach; game time limit 1:30 and 15 minutes between each game.

* Umpires are to keep games moving

* both teams are responsible for field prep: setting of mound, bases, pitching machine, field dragging, field lining and dugout clean up;

* please don’t hold team meeting until dugout clean up takes place there is only 15 minutes between each game

* the final game of the day, both teams shall be responsible to return pitching mound, bases, pitching machine, Chalker’s and chalk to the shed and lock it

* a game is complete if time is left after 3 complete innings

* Over throw to 1st base runner shall be awarded one base

* Attempt to pick off runner on overthrow the ball is live and runner can advance to next base

* No Walks on a 3-2 Count the Coach will pitch 2 pitches only, if the batter hits the ball it is a live play; Manual Pitching machine can be used (must be agreed upon at coaches meeting before game)

* Once pitcher reaches/touches the mound play is dead

* 3rd base runner must be hit in or walked in; runner cannot advance on an pickoff attempt at 3rd base; Catcher can attempt to pick off runner, but runner cannot advance on an overthrow: NO sliding home

* Outfield must throw ball to infield, infield must throw to base to end play (no time out in rookies)

* Make the play, tag the base, if at home plate touch the plate do not block home plate

* Catcher will attempt to make the play; make the play tag home plate

* Pitching Log is to be kept and signed by plate Umpire at the end of each game; please keep logs; each team shall use a dual pitch count counter and should confer with each other after the inning

* Coaches/managers in violation of pitching restriction will be suspended and game standing results in a loss


Scorekeeping must be reported after every game. Login to siplay to do so






General Rules

  • Playing field will consist of no more than 9 Players.
  • Game score is kept by the Home team in the official scorebook, especially in playoffs. 
  • Teams may start or finish with eight players.
  • Win/Lose does apply.


  •  A regulation game is 2 hour or at least 6 innings whichever comes first. 
  • There will be a maximum of 6 innings per game
  • No new inning can start after 1 hour and 45 minutes. 
  • Umpire is to call the Start time and when Game is finished. Must write down time on Lineup Card of Home team.
  • Games cannot be protested except for illegal players.  
  • Innings are 3 outs.

Home team

  • Will Occupy the 3rd base Dugout 
  • Is responsible for chalking the base lines and doing any field prep that is needed prior to the start of the game and hanging trash bags in dugouts.
  • Must Supply 2 Game ball
  • Will keep Track of Runs Scored on Official Tee Ball Score Sheet and signed by Head umpire. 

Visiting Team

  • Will Occupy the 1st Base Dugout 
  • Prior to start and at the end of game, make sure that all areas around the field is clean of trash, water bottles, etc in dugouts and common area.
  • Must supply 1 Game ball. 

Starting Lineups

  • Lineup cards are due fifteen (15) minutes prior to Game time.
  • Must include last and first name and uniform number of players.
  • Once a lineup is turned in, it cannot be changed. If a coach knows a player is going to be late to a game, He must add the player last to the lineup. All players on roster must be on lineup card.
  • After second inning umpire must be notified which players are not present. Players arriving after the beginning of the third inning will not be allowed to play.
  • Line-up Cards have to be on Official lineup card and submitted to the Umpire 
  • Any changes or additions must go through the Home Plate Umpire and then to the official Score Keeper.


  • Home Team must supply a coach, parent to keep track of the score in official scorebook especially in playoffs.


  • Only certified and fingerprinted coaches and team parents are allowed in the dugout and/or field. At no time should there be more than one manager, two coaches and a team parent. 
  • Team Parent or Coach Must be in the Dugout at all times. 
  • Only Team Coach, Registered Players that are signed up through Oakland Babe Ruth may be in the dugout and on the field.
  • Parent Volunteers that are assisting during practice, but have not been added to the Coaching staff may not help during game times. 
  • Coaches must have appropriate attire (team related gear) and coaches card on hand (no street clothes)


  • Umpires have the final call on the field. 


  • No lead offs are permitted. 
  • Runners may advance once the ball has crossed home plate.
  • All batters and base runners must wear helmets. 
  • All helmets are to be left on until player reaches the dugout. If Player takes off helmet prior to reaching the dugout. Umpires will give the team a warning. 
  • After warning of taking off helmet, team will be given an out. 
  • Throwing of Bat: Umpires will Warn Head Coach of thrown bat. Second warning, batters out, return runners to position
  • Ten seconds to get batter in the box.

Stealing Home

  • A runner can only steal home if it is a pass ball to the catcher or pitcher.
  • A runner can also steal home if he never stops his/her forward progress towards home or if the catcher/pitcher makes a play at him/her
  • Example on forward progress: The runner walks towards home after the ball crosses the plate, the catcher never looked at the runner & throws the ball back to pitcher, as long as the runner never stop walking towards home he/her has the right to steal home.


  • Only nine Players can be on the field at any one time, including a catcher. 
  • Each player present must play a minimum of two innings defensively or one at bat and one inning defensively.
  • A maximum of six (6) innings can be played time permitting.

Pitching Limitations

  • Pitchers can pitch no more than two innings in any one game and four innings in two consecutive games. They can also pitch six innings in one week. 
  • A pitcher that throws one pitch will be considered to have pitched one inning and will only be eligible to pitch another innings

Field Setup

  • Base Length is 60 Feet between bases 
  • The Pitching mound shall be approximately 46’ Feet from the Point of Home Plate.
  • Three (3) outfielders: Left, Center, Right.
  • Five (5) infielders: Pitcher, 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and Shortstop, plus a Catcher.

Coaches Code of Conduct

  • Only the Head Coach can speak to the Umpire regarding a call. 
  • All Assistants must relay any questions or concerns through the Head Coach.
  • Only the Coaches that are certified and fingerprinted with babe Ruth  may be on the field
  • Any Coach that is tossed from a game for arguing, disrupting play or control of time will  be asked leave the field
  • If Suspended/Tossed by any umpire, for any conduct; the League Board/Player Agent will determine the appropriate disciplinary action. 
  • Any Coach that is tossed more than once from a game could lose their right to coach for the remainder of the season. 
  • Any Spectator or coach that is abusive to any coach, umpire, player or League rep. Will be asked to leave the facility and may be banned from future events. 


  • Playoffs will be random selections out of the hat drawn on the Monday before start date.
  • Playoff Bracket will be double elimination
  • There will be a $50 playoff fee per team, (fee should cover umpire and trophies or medals)