T-Ball Rules

UpdatedThursday April 11, 2019 byVicky Jackson.

T-Ball Rules

2019 T-Ball Rules

1st 4 games will be Base to base (station to station) until player and parent get the concept of the game

All 2019 season games will consist of:

·        No intimidating the umpire, balls and strikes cannot be argued (a batting tee is used). Know the rules, always have your rulebook and this sheet handy.

·        Home Team Preps the field: arc is 25ft from home plate and outfield line will be marked as well

·        Both teams are responsible for field and dugout clean up after the game (including trash pick up) do not hold team meeting until this is done, there is 15 minutes between each game and the next game the home team need to prep the field

·        The final game of the day both teams are responsible to return bases, Chalker’s, chalk and field draggers to the shed and make sure it is locked before leaving the field

·        All Field positions must be occupied

(Catcher thru Left Field)

·        3 outs or 7 batters per inning: please announce 7th batter; if the 7th batter is up and no outs, the defense/infield should touch any base to end the inning

·        1st 4 games batters will be warned for thrown bats; starting the 5th game only one team warning will be given if the bat is thrown the batter is OUT (nothing to further discuss)

·        Each at bat the batter shall attempt to put the ball in play; the batter will be allowed 5 swings if the batter does not reach the base, they are out

·        Coaches CANNOT touch runners, they can run with the runner but not touch (if touched runner is out)

·        Runner shall be granted one base on an overthrow for balls thrown to 1st base.

·        Ball hit through the infield, runner is awarded 2 bases (the outfield is to get the ball to the infield) play is ended

·        Outfield must throw ball to infield where time out can be called

·        NO Defensive player shall RUN the batter DOWN! Make the play, tag the base, if at home plate touch the plate do not block home plate

·        Baseline 1st to 2nd and 2nd to 3rd runner cannot interfere with infielder, the infield has the right to their position

·        3rd base half way line is marked on the fence, if runner is not half way down 3rd baseline they are to return to 3rd base

·        Pop Fly’s should be attempted (make the play/catch the fly) batter will be out if caught!

·        Defense should not enter arc to make a play, the ball must roll past the arc to be playable

Finally, we are one division all coaches are encouraged to assist any player offense or defense, we are only as strong as our weakest link 😊