Oakland A's Training Videos

UpdatedWednesday November 3, 2021 byVicky Jackson.

Skills Lesson: Tagging

A well-applied tag is critical to stopping baserunners from advancing and keeping runs off the scoreboard. Midland Rockhounds Manager Bobby Crosby shows us the correct way to tag a runner out, and infielder Collin Theroux joins us to demonstrate a drill to practice tagging. 

Younger players, make sure you are practicing the “slap tag” and not the “swipe tag.” More advanced players should practice the same drill as Collin to perfect their tagging motion. WATCH HERE

Major League Mindset: Citizenship

You should always strive to be a good citizen, on the baseball field and in the community. In this episode of Major League Mindset, A’s right handed pitcher Daulton Jefferies explains what citizenship means to him and how to best demonstrate it. WATCH HERE